How it Starts: A Novel in Pages

Each day I write a page of a novel and publish it. The whole novel from the start can be found here.

The Morgan-Jessica situation, p. 83

The Morgan – Jessica situation was still weighing on me when I went to bed that night. I knew I should be thinking about my mum and my job and what I was going to do with the flat but I just couldn’t think about any of that yet. I needed to fix the Morgan – Jessica situation. Then everything would be ok.

I looked up at the mobile of stars hanging over my bed, that I had bought in a second hand shop on Brick Lane, and wondered what to do. I had a dream catcher on the window too, and it was tinkling in the breeze that was blowing in the music from the party in the flat down the street.

I kept thinking about this other time I came downstairs and Morgan was crying in the kitchen. Maybe he hadn’t been crying, but he looked sad. There were broken eggs everywhere. It was weird. I’d just been listening to music in my room, so I hadn’t heard them.

“Jessica’s gone to a seminar.” He told me. He was sat at the table, with half unpacked shopping surrounding him.

“Ok. . .” I was a bit embarrassed that I was still in my pyjamas and I hadn’t brushed my hair or washed my face, but I figured it was only Morgan, so it didn’t really matter. I put the kettle on and yawned.

“What happened?”

“She read my text messages.”

“Oh.” This surprised me. I never thought Jessica was like that.

“Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t be talking to you about this.” He kept his eyes down on the table.

“What was in the messages?”

“Nothing, nothing.”

“Morgan.” I knew I shouldn’t pry, but I also thought this was the kind of thing Jessica might not actually ever tell me and I needed to know.

He exhaled.

“Can I have a cup of tea?”

“Fine.” I slammed tow mugs down on the kitchen table.