How it Starts: A Novel in Pages

Each day I write a page of a novel and publish it. The whole novel from the start can be found here.

A small plastic, orange egg, p.108

The sky was blue and a family of seagulls were floating on the top of the ocean.

“Are you sure?” Riley stopped raking the sand and looked up at Jessica. “You don’t have to?”

“Of course, I want to.” Jessica said. “What’s the point of having a law degree if you can’t use it to help your friends, and this sounds really serious. Are you OK?”

I noticed Morgan walking across the beach towards us, from the direction off the cliffs.

“There’s Morgan.” I said. Jessica turned around to look at him and then back to us.

“Let’s meet when we get back to London,” Jessica said, “and we can talk about it more then.”

“I’m going back to Gloucestershire.” I said. “To live with my mum.”

“Yeah, and I live here now.” Riley ran her fingers across the grooves she had made in the sand.

“Hey.” Morgan said as he approached us.

“Hey, do you want to share my towel?” Jessica moved up towards us.

“Yeah, ok, thanks.” He started to get something out of his pocket as he sat down.

“Let’s meet up next weekend.” Jessica turned back to me and Riley. “And every weekend until we figure out what to do. You can come to London, I’ll come to Gloucestershire and Bournemouth.”

Morgan handed Riley a small plastic, orange egg.

“What’s this?” She looked at it in surprise.

“You’ll see.”

“Where did you get it?” Jessica pulled the egg open and pulled out a gold, plastic engagement ring with a replica diamond.

“I’ll get you a real one when we get home.”
“Morgan.” Jessica searched for words but she didn’t seem to find any.

“Are you being serious?” I leant forward to look at the ‘ring’.

“Why. . .” Jessica held out the ring towards me, but still didn’t seem to be able to find any words.

“I know I can’t offer you the lifestyle of a deep-sea-mining-spy. . .” Morgan began.

“This is huge.” I said.

“Jessica hasn’t even said anything yet.” Riley said.

“. . . I want to spend every day trying to make you happy,” Morgan continued, “and I want to do it every day for the rest of my life.”

“Yes, of course the answers yes.” Jessica threw her arms around him and they fell over into the sand.

“This is huge.” I said again.

“Yeah you just said that.” Riley added.

“I mean, I really did not see this coming.” I added.